The Soap With A Cult Following


Tea Tree and Charcoal Soap Bar by Center Street Soap Co.

Our Tea Tree & Charcoal Handmade Facial Soap Bar is our most unique soap, and we have trouble keeping it on our shelves. 

For one, it's the only soap we make with Tamanu Oil. Want to keep your skin young, plump, and hydrated? Taman Oil is chock full of essential fatty acids aiming to help with just that. People swear by it for anti-aging and wound healing properties. 

This soap is specially made with your delicate facial skin in mind. While the Activated Charcoal is hard at work binding to the dirt and oil on your skin to clean your pores, the Tamanu Oil helps repair and moisturize making them the perfect duo for an all-natural facial cleanser. Plus, the Tea Tree Oil gives this soap some wonderful antimicrobial properties and a yummy clean scent.

Of course there are different oils in this soap with additional properties to add even more moisture to your skin and create a luxurious, bubbly, lather.

If you haven't tried this soap yet, don't wait!